Zoomorph is one of the Genes in Mutants: Genetic Gladiators.

Mutants that bear this gene are usually based on animal or have animalistic features.

How to obtainEdit

There are two possibilities to breed Zoomorph mutants:

  • buy a mutant in the market which has a zoomorph gene and breed it with another mutant
  • win Alpha Mexopolis - Hasta Lucha Dome boss fight against a Beast. You will unlock the Beast larva from the market which can be later used to create other Zoomorph mutants


Zoomorph mutants do have following attack/defense bonuses:

  • +50% more damage against and takes 50% less damage from Saber opponents
  • +25% more damage against and takes 25% less damage from Mythic opponents

Note: Above Bonuses are in effect if your mutant is primary zoomorph and uses a zoomorph attack.


Zoomorph mutants do have following attack/defense penalties:

  • +50% less damage against and takes 50% more damage from Cyber opponents
  • +25% less damage against and takes 25% more damage from Galactic opponents

Note: Above Penalties are in effect if your mutant is primary zoomorph and uses a zoomorph attack.


Zoomorph compounds are able to keep up to 4 primary or secondary zoomorph mutants.

  • 2 (7x7 grid size), 25,000 Credits
  • 3 (8x8 grid size), 37,500 Credits (requires Fame Level ??)
  • 4 (9x9 grid size), 65,000 Credits (requires Fame Level 17)

Larger compounds are also able to store more accumulating Credits, the largest up to 30,000Credits.

Combination StrategiesEdit

There are two strategies you could follow as secondary mutant type:

  • elimination of mutants with the largest bonuses against you. Zoomorph mutants are weak against Cyber opponents, so you could use a Galactic as secondary mutant type. Beginning at level 5, you are able to get rid of Cyber mutants before they get rid of your mutant.
  • maximizing utility. While you mutant will always be weak against Cyber and Galactic, you can use a Necro secondary type to avoid damage output penalties (Necro covers Galactic and Cyber). In these cases you will deal at least "normal" damage beginning at mutant level 5.

List of zoomorph mutantsEdit

Please refer to the Category below to view all Zoomorph mutants:

Trivia Edit

  • Despite its attacks being brutal against Saber types, the Saber type symbol is listed first before Mythic in its attacks (First gene symbol is strong, second gene symbol is brutal).

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