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General Information
Genes Saber
Health 989 HP
Speed 5.56 Speed
Breedable? Yes
Cost 500 Credits
Incubation time 2 Hours
Warrior is a Saber monogene mutant. It's one out of three mutants that you can pick at the start of the game, the others being Robot and Zombie. It can also be bought from the shop for 500Credits.


  • Attack: Low
  • Health: Average
  • Speed: Fast


SaberSlice & Dice

  • Damage: 248
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 372

PhysicalSmack & Hack

  • Damage: 248
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 372

Mutopedia Entry

" The desire to create a super soldier through genetic manipulation dates back to the mid-twentieth century, but it wasn't until Gene Arena that it was perfected. Not every warrior is a muscle bound brick; lightning reflexes, weapon mastery and more play their part in helping create the ultimate competitor. "


  • Gold star version bears a resemblance to Death Adder from the Golden Axe series.
  • The Silver Star version bears a resemblance to Ares, the God of War, from the Wonder Woman comics by D.C.


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