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General Information
Genes SaberMythic
Speed 5
Breedable? Yes

You can crossbreed a Warrior with a Demon to have a chance at obtaining a Valkyrie larva. You can also purchase a Valkyrie larva at the Shop.


It looks like a female angel that is wearing heavy armor.


  • Attack : Medium
  • Life : Average
  • Speed : Intermediate


  • SaberPiercing Light
    • Damage : 278 (Rapidly lunges her lance of light into her opponent)
    • Upgrade : Attack upgraded417 (Calls down a rain of lances of light upon her target)
  • MythicDivine Judgement
    • Damage : 278
    • Upgrade : Attack upgraded417

Mutopedia Entry

"So you guys were feeling a little left out after the Nordic Knightmare but don't worry the boys in the white coats may not measuse up to most men, but they still have their eye on the prize. Beauty and brawn, and the power to light a city. Go on try your best line, we dare you!"


  • Its wings are similar to Diablo Series Archangels' wings.
  • Gold Valkyrie armor color scheme are similar to Randgriss from Ragnarok Online Game and Hrist from Valkyrie Profile series
  • In Norse mythology, valkyries were angels who carried fallen warriors off the battlefield and into Valhalla.


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