• Earthsong

    Balanced Mutant Teams

    November 22, 2013 by Earthsong

    Based on the diagram here, I have managed to create a list of mutant teams that are more or less superbly balanced in terms of genetic resistance and vulnerabilities, health, attack power, and speed. This means that they can watch each others' backs in the arena. I think that these team combinations that I listed will be very helpful when a Psy-Captain does not know what he or she might face in the arena, such as in a PVP setting. I may have missed to mention other team combinations but rest assured that all the mutants that can be acquired through breeding or crossbreeding are mentioned and fall into their own Balanced Mutant Team. You can pattern your team combinations based on the list that I created or you can discover and make your own…

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  • Earthsong

    In Mutants: Genetic Gladiators, the effectiveness of an attack and the resistance of a mutant to a particular type of attack follow the rock-paper-scissors principle and a reverse application of the rock-paper-scissors principle:

    • Cyber attacks are highly effective against Zoomorph gene mutants 
    • Zoomorph attacks are highly effective against Saber gene mutants 
    • Saber attacks are highly effective against Mythic gene mutants, and so one and so forth...
    • Cyber gene mutants are highly resistant to Zoomorph attacks
    • Zoomorph gene mutants are highly resistant to Saber attacks
    • Saber gene mutants are highly resistant to Mythic attacks, and so on and so forth...

    However, there is a slight modification to this principle, as an attack type can beat a second type of gene, albeit…

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