Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to Explain something about this complicated topic to some of you:

1) Correct parents does not mean First try in the mutant you want.

2) Correct parents are (Mutant you want from pvp, pve or legendary mutant + mutant with at least one of his genes) This formula mean that you can breed two pvp mutants and similar, Example: I want Monoceros (Legendary mutant) and Master Splitter (Pvp mutant) So i can breed together this mutants.

Example 2: I want Satyr Shaman (pvp mutant Season 14)... He Have Zoomorph and Mythic So... You can use Any mutant with at least one of his genes, And these are:

Pitlord, Kaiju Kitty, Azuria, Medusa, Dracus Nobilis, Demon, Beast, Reptoid, Arachno, Gargantus, Cosmo Kong, Cerberus, Zombat, Mekali, Mastr Splitter, Techno Taoist, Grim Reapress, Gandolphus, Captain Peace, C'thlig, Deus Machina, Monoceros, Bettle Bot, Baron lundi, Lich lock, Undead dragon, Honey Bunny, Valkyrie, Thor, Shell Shock, Nebulon and Mr Marvelous.

3) There are another "Correct parents" called Secret recipes mutants and the formula is gived by the mutant, The secret recipe mutant are Bushi, Terrordoll, Wrenchfury, The Darkseer, Bag 'o' Bones, Interceptrix and "Horus" (I don't know his real name but it's already launched) And these mutant are different correct parents mutant because you don't need the mutant in fact.

Thanks for your attention, Have a nice game And I hope this help all te people and never ask again about this topic.

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