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  • Casius06

    We recently Discover that we can get a Reactor special mutant TWICE, So you can get 2 or 3 Gargantus, mr. marvelous, etc if you are lucky. It's very simple, Once you get one Special reactor mutant you can Spin again and this mutant appears as a possible reward :D

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  • Casius06

    Well, This is simple, I want to Adopt this wiki because all Admins And the Buro Go away and they never back, So i want to help more here but my option are Limited  and Vandalism in this wiki Is Stronger than Buck, So please Said what do you think about this, Thanks

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  • Casius06

    "Correct Parents"

    December 6, 2013 by Casius06

    Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to Explain something about this complicated topic to some of you:

    1) Correct parents does not mean First try in the mutant you want.

    2) Correct parents are (Mutant you want from pvp, pve or legendary mutant + mutant with at least one of his genes) This formula mean that you can breed two pvp mutants and similar, Example: I want Monoceros (Legendary mutant) and Master Splitter (Pvp mutant) So i can breed together this mutants.

    Example 2: I want Satyr Shaman (pvp mutant Season 14)... He Have Zoomorph and Mythic So... You can use Any mutant with at least one of his genes, And these are:

    Pitlord, Kaiju Kitty, Azuria, Medusa, Dracus Nobilis, Demon, Beast, Reptoid, Arachno, Gargantus, Cosmo Kong, Cerberus, Zombat, Mekā€¦

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  • Casius06


    November 13, 2013 by Casius06

    Do what you want with this wiki, I am not going to help anymore, I quite of the wiki because It's hard and I am tired of create pages, try to clean trollers disasters and a lot of things, i can't manage a wiki alone and you post ALL KIND OF PICS, we need mutopedia entry, not stealed pics from friend pages. Good bye and sorry but i am not to answer questions again. Bye bye

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