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General Information
Genes SaberMythic
Health 1302HP
Speed 3.45Speed
Breedable? Himself and Elites
Cost 1,500 Gold / 5,000,000 Credits
Incubation time 1 hour

Thor is a Saber-Mythic mutant and is the fifth Legendary mutant which was obtainable by buying from the shop for 1,500 Gold and then 5,000,000 Credits (for a limited time) later on. As with all Legendary mutants, you can duplicate or breed elite versions of Thor by breeding him with another mutant that shares at least one of his genes.


Thor is, as the name suggests, the hammer-wielding God from Norse mythology. His hammer, Mjölnir, is a massive rock hammer with the rune, Thurisaz, etched on to its side.


  • Attack: Cataclysmal
  • Health: Tank
  • Speed: Very Slow


SaberRunic Hammer

  • Damage: 482
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 723

MythicCall Lightning

  • Damage: 482
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 723

Mutopedia Entry

"Using newly developed technology, Darwin and his team have been able to take samples from artifacts to create Mutant clones of past legends. The latest project has lead to the rebirth of one of the 'Strongest Gods from history... The hammer wielding Thor!"


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