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The Darkseer

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The Darkseer
General Information
Genes CyberNecro
Ability CurseCurse
Speed 4.17 Speed
Category Icon-recipeIcon reactor
Breedable? Specific Parents

The Darkseer is a Secret Recipe Mutant, which can only be obtained by crossbreeding specific mutants together. The darkseer is also obtainable in the upcoming Villains reactor.

The Darkseer is also one of the specific parents of Captain Bag 'O' Bones.



The specific parent combinations for The Darkseer are:

It is recommended to use the first combination as the breeding time will be significantly lower than the second combination.


  • Attack: High
  • Life: Resistant
  • Speed: Slow


Cyber Anthrax Thorax

  • Damage: 350
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 525

Necro Mini Me

  • Damage: 350
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 525

Mutopedia Entry

"Born from the nightmares of children. The Darkseer can clone miniature versions of itself which then see into the souls of opponents to find their biggest fears and weaknesses, which it can then use against them sending them into their own personal version of hell."


  • Due to the tree like head and the big hand, he looks like a humanoid version of Maokai from League of Legends
  • It's Mini Me attack seems to be a nod to Despicable Me's Minions as the yare similar in appearance.


Mutants Genetic Gladiators - Darkseer (Spotlight)00:28

Mutants Genetic Gladiators - Darkseer (Spotlight)

Official The Darkseer Spotlight Video

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