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General Information
Genes Galactic - Galactic
Speed 5.26
Breedable? Only for elite versions
Supernovus was the Expert reward of the PvP Season 9 event also get by PVE event moon

You can acquire elite version of it by breeding itself to mutant who shares the same/one of its genes

This Mutant is balanced


It looks like a sun sorrounded by destroyed planets.Bronze and silver versions modify the colour of this sun.

The gold version looks like a black hole surrounded by spiked,disintegrated planets.


  • Attack : Medium 
  • Life : Resistant
  • Speed : Intermediate


  • Planet Punch
    • Damage : 295
    • Upgrade : 443
  • Big Bang\Big Crunch
    • Damage : 148
    • Upgrade : 221

Mutopedia Entry

Once sentenced to Life imprisonment for crimes to the universe. The immortal Novu was trapped in the core of a Sun. It was thought this would be the end but instead he merged his soul with the sun and has returned to cause devastation as "SuperNovus, the Galaxy Destroyer"


  • The gold version resembles a black hole implying that Novu may have been trapped inside a giant star millions of years ago.
  • Supernovus and monocerus shares
  1. They both same stats
  2. They both same damage attacks (except supernovus second attack)
  3. They both have speed 5.26
  4. They have diffrent name of upgraded stats
  • You can get it by PVE event moon by completing 40 level


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