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This page is about the contents since August 22nd, 2016. You were looking for the expired version of it, See Mutants Slots.

The Super Mutants Slots airship

Mutants Genetic Gladiators- more than 250 golds is spent and 5 tokens

Mutants Genetic Gladiators- more than 250 golds is spent and 5 tokens

Super Mutants Slots is a modified and upgraded version of Mutants Slots which was updated in August 22nd, 2016. Unlike the previous Mutants Slots, the Super Mutants Slots features three new slot machines: Lucky Slot, Mutant Madness and Cash Frenzy.

General Edit


From left to right: Lucky Slot, Mutants Madnes and Cash Frenzy

This is a mini-game based on luck. It provides various prizes in 5 slots. If a player gets three slots filled by a similar prize, that prize is rewarded to the player. With the latest Super Mutants Slots update, which features three new slot machines, each is given different way to spin the slot.

Lucky Slot Edit


The Lucky Slot

The Lucky Slot, much like Mutants Slots, contains supplies, mutants and miscellaneous goods. The slot requires Jackpot token x1 or 10 Goldcurrency to activate. Player can be given a Free Spin for every 6 hours. The following contained in slot are:

Legendary MutantsEdit


  • Star bronze, Star silver, Star gold or Star platinum
  • x1 Reactor token
  • x1 Magnetic Keys
  • Campaign Passes - x5, x25
  • Supplies (Med Pack, Mutosterone Drink, Experience Drink)
  • 1 day or 7 days Power-Ups (Critical Strikes, Anti-Critical Shield, Experience Booster, Regeneration )


  • The Jackpot (displayed in the mid top third of the screen)
  • Goldcurrency
  • Credits
  • Free Spin

Mutant Madness Edit


The Mutants Madness Slot

The Mutant Madness, just like its name implied, is the slot designed only to hold mutants. Mutants can be ranged from Legendary, PvP Event, Exclusive, Secret, Videogame, and Zodiac mutant. It is the most expensive slot of the three, which requires Jackpot token x100 or 350 Goldcurrency to activate.

Cash Frenzy Edit


The Cash Frenzy Slot

The Cash Frenzy, just like its name implied, is the slot designed only to give out currency. Credits payments can be 50 thousand. The Gold amount can be ranged from 10 to 5,000 Goldcurrency. It is the only slot of all three to require Gold to activate, 20 Goldcurrency to be exact.

Trivia Edit

  • When you hover the mouse over each slot, you will get a text above them: "Items everywhere!" for Lucky Slot, "Obtain a mutant EVERY spin!" for Mutants Madness Slot, and "Feeling lucky?" for Cash Frenzy Slot.

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