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Stealth Bot

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Stealth Bot
General Information
Genes CyberSaber
Health 1031HP
Speed 5Speed
Breedable? Yes
Cost 720 Gold
Incubation time 6 Hours

Stealth Bot is a Rare Cyber-Saber mutant. One possible combination which has the highest chance to result in Stealth Bot is Android + Nordic Knightmare.

Stealth Bot is one of the specific parents of Bushi and Terrordoll.



  • Attack: Medium
  • Life: Average
  • Speed: Intermediate


Cyber Lazer Beam

  • Damage: 282
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 423

Saber Saber Slice

  • Damage: 282
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 423

Mutopedia Entry 

"Man and machine in perfect harmony, that's what the techs tell us. A perfectly trained assassin contained within a flexi-steel combat suit.You won't see or even feel those molecular blades until it's too late!"


  • This mutant may have been inspired by the Evangelion Units from the Evangelion Series.
    • The Bronze version resembles Evangelion Unit-02
    • The Silver version resembles Evangelion Unit-00
    • The Gold version resembles Evangelion Unit-01


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