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Shell Shock

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Shell Shock
Shell Shock
General Information
Genes GalacticZoomorph
Ability BoostBoost
Speed 4.55Speed
Category Icon-event
Breedable? Elite Versions Only

Shell Shock is an exclusive PvP/PvE Galactic-Zoomorph mutant. It can only be upgraded by crossbreeding itself with another mutant which shares either the Galactic gene or Zoomorph gene.


Shell Shock looks similar to a dinosaur with with the body of a triceratops, a spiked shell with protruding spine similar to that of a stegosaurus, and with a giant sword-like horn. It also has four glowing eyes and its mouth and exposed neck also seem to be glowing with what appears to be a radioactive ooze.


Attack : High

Health : Resistant

Speed : Intermediate


Galactic Phosphoric Tongue

  • Damage: 349
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 524

Zoomorph Impale

  • Damage: 349
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 524

Mutopedia Entry

"Kids, how many times did your parents tell you not to throw away anything in the toilet? Especially when it is radioactive products! Shell Shock came from deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean and started to wreak havoc within the coastal cities. Only the Goliath was able to stop him. Would you reproduce this titanic fight in the arena?"


  • This mutant and its mutopedia entry were clearly inspired by Pacific Rim's Kaiju monsters.
  • Shell Shock resembles the Kaiju named Otachi.
  • It also makes a reference that the mutant Goliath is supposed to be Shell Shock's enemy in the same way that the Jaegers were to the Kaiju from the same movie. Ironically, Goliath is one of the worst choice against Shell Shock, as it only has Cyber attacks.
  • It has the highest attack stat of any "Intermediate" speed class mutant.


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