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Shell Shock

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Shell Shock
General Information
Genes Galactic - Zoomorph
Health 1177
Speed 4.55
Breedable? Yes, Elite Version
Cost PVP S08 Reward
Incubation time  ?
Shell Shock is exclusive Global tournament Season 8 Experts PVP's reward. It is a Galactic and Zoomorph mutant. You can also win this Mutant completing level 40 in Olympus Event.



Attack : High

Life : Resistant

Speed : Intermediate


  • Toxic Tongue
    • Damage : 349
    • Upgrade : 524
  • Impale
    • Damage : 349
    • Upgrade : 524

Mutopedia Entry

"Kids, how many times did your parents tell you not to throw away anything in the toilet? Especially when it is radioactive products! Shell Shock came from deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean and started to wreak havoc within the coastal cities. Only the Goliath was able to stop him. Would you reproduce this titanic fight in the arena?"


This is DEFINITELY a nod at Pacific Rim's Kaiju monsters. With the reference to Goliath being Jaegers from the same movie.


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