PvP (Player vs Player) is a biweekly event which players battle other player's mutants. After a victory players gain points

Defense Team

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Fight Summary


Players must maintain their league's rank until the end of the event in order to receive their league's reward. Players must also meet the requirements for that league rank in order to obtain that prize. Once the event is over player's not only receive their league's reward, but all other lower league rewards.

  • Beginner's League = 5 Jackpot token (Requires at least 1 attack)
  • Veteran's League = 5 Challenge Token (Requires 5 Attacks and ranking must be in Top 50%)
  • Expert's League = 1 Reactor token (Requires 15 Attacks and ranking must be in Top 10%)
  • Elite's League = Exclusive Mutant (Requires 30 Attacks and must be in Top 3%)
  • Grandmaster's League = 500 Goldcurrency (Requires 50 Attacks and must be in Top 1%)

Mutants Given as Rewards