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Player vs Event (PVE) is a bi-weekly event which lasts 14 days. In this event Psy Captains battle against teams controlled by the game's AI, the opponent's mutants increase in difficulty with each win. After 10 consecutive wins, the player receives a reward.

  • 10 Wins = 3-Day Critical Strikes x1
  • 20 Wins = Bronze Star x1
  • 30 Wins = 3-Day Anti-Critical Shield x1
  • 40 Wins = Exclusive Mutant x1
  • 50 Wins = Jackpot Tokens x15
  • 60 Wins = Reactor Token x1
  • 70 Wins = 3-Day Double Health Regen x1
  • 80 Wins = Silver Star x1
  • 90 Wins = 3-Day Quadruple Health Regen x1
  • 100 Wins = Gold Star x1

Mutants Given as Rewards

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