Orbs are a feature of the game that was introduced in April of 2015 to add more complexity and strategy to battles. Orbs are items that can be equipped to mutants to increase their Abilities. There are two types of Orb slots: Basic and Special. Basic orb slots can hold either stat or ability orbs.

Basic OrbsEdit


  • Stat orbs increase attack, critical hit chance, or life stats.


  • Ability orbs enhance the percentages of existing abilities. They can be used regardless of whether the mutant has the ability naturally or gained the ability by slotting a special orb. they cannot be used it the mutant lacks that ability. For example: Dire Despot can't equip a Retaliate orb because it doesn't have the Retaliate ability.

Special OrbsEdit


  • Special orbs grant new abilities or increase a mutant's speed stat. Changing a mutant's special orb can cause an ability orb to become inactive if that ability orb was only usable because of the special.

Charged OrbsEdit


These were introduced with the 23Oct2017 PvE event.

Charged orbs are functionally the same as other orbs but only last a certain number of fights.

Slot configurationsEdit

Depending on the category of a mutant, a mutant can hold one to four orbs maximum.

  • Breedable non-Rare Mutants will have only one basic orb slot available (regardless of star or level).
  • Breedable Rare Mutants will have one basic orb slot and one special orb slot available (regardless of star or level).
  • PVP and Secret Mutants will have two normal orb slots available and one locked special orb slot, which can be unlocked at the cost of 20 Gold.(regardless of star or level)
  • Legendary, Zodiac and Seasonal will have two normal orb slots and one special orb slot (regardless of star or level).
  • Heroic mutants have three basic orb slots and one special.

Other InfoEdit

The exact percentages of stat increases are dependent on the level of the orb, the higher the level of the orb, the higher the stat increases are.  Once a mutant is equipped with an orb, it cannot swap or or replace an orb without destroying the existing orb. It is also worth noting that orbs can be passed on to an offspring when you fusion two identical Gold mutants to make a Platinum mutant.

Orbs can be obtained for free as gifts from friends (Facebook only), daily login bonuses, from the Black hole Experiment, Transformatron, or as rewards in PvP or PvE, but are also for purchase in the shop with Gold, starting from 200 to 500 Gold.

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