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This page is about the expired contents. You were looking for the modified and upgraded version of it since August 22nd, 2016, See Super Mutants Slots.


Mutant Slots-Inside View
Mutant Slots Airship

This is a mini game based on luck. It provides various prizes in 5 slots. If a player gets three slots filled by a similar prize, that prize is rewarded to the player, special Jackpot token can be used to let the Slot Machine spin. If you do not have Jackpot token, you can pay 10 Goldcurrency per spin. Following can be won:

Legendary Mutants

PvP Reward Mutants

Secret Mutants


  • Star bronze or Star silver or Star gold
  • x1 Reactor token
  • x1 Magnetic Keys
  • Campaign Passes - x5, x25
  • Supplies (Med Pack, Mutosterone Drink, Experience Drink)
  • 1 day or 7 days Power-Ups (Critical Strikes, Anti-Critical Shield, Experience Booster, Regeneration )


  • The Jackpot (displayed in the mid top third of the screen)
  • Goldcurrency
  • Credits
  • Free Spin

Former Rewards

Jackpot Tokens

Jackpot token

A Jackpot Token.

Jackpot Tokens can be obtainable playing Events, from Vegas. You get 15 Jackpot token by completing level 50 in PVE, except in Vegas, who:

  • 5 Jackpot token at stage 10
  • 10 Jackpot token at stage 30, 50 and 70
  • 20 Jackpot token by completing stage 90

Note: In some occasion, you have the chance to win an undetermined number of jackpot tokens watching videospot inside the game.

Jackpot Tokens also can be obatained by participating in pvp events, winning on the Mutant Slots, or as a gift from developers on the app page. Daily challenge also gives 2 tokens per day.