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To adding a new Mutant page, you should use the below box to create it. Then the below form will occurs and will support you to finish it easily.

To coping the form, you must turn your editor to Source editor, or Classic editor in Source Mode before copy-paste it.

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|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|Genes = GENE1,GENE2
|Ability = Drain Life/Retaliate/Shield/Wound/Boost/Curse
|Health = 
|Speed = 0.00
|Category = {{Legendary}}/{{Reactor}}/{{Exclusive}}/{{Heroic}}/{{PvP}}/{{Seasonal}}/{{Secret Recipe}}/{{Zodiac}}
|Breedable? = Yes/No/Elite versions only
{{PAGENAME}} is a [[:Category:CATEGORY|CATEGORY]] [[:Category:GENE1|GENE1]]-[[:Category:GENE2(Secondary)|GENE2]] mutant which can be obtained through the LOCATION.

''Needs information''

* '''Attack''': Needs information
* '''Life''': Needs information
* '''Speed''': Needs information

{{GENE1}} '''???'''
* Damage: ???
* Upgrade: {{Upgrade}} ???
{{GENE2}} '''???'''
* Damage: ???
* Upgrade: {{Upgrade}} ???

==Mutopedia Entry==

* ''Needs information''


Manual of Style

This template is attached for some pages that needed to be improved as missing some information on that. You can remove it once the information in page is pretty enough without any missing information needed. See Wikipedia:Stub for more information.
This template is for the generic information of the mutant. Each parameters should be used properly or will took an error in result instead. The below is about each parameters:
  • name = {{PAGENAME}}
This parameter is for mutant's name. The magic word {{PAGENAME}} follows page's title immediately, so you don't have to touch it unless some unique cases such as Darwin (Mutant) which is needed to change {{PAGENAME}} to proper name.
  • image= string
This parameter is for mutant's image. The submitted image should be basic/default version of the mutant. String should be written like FILENAME.FILEFORMAT (e.g. string.png) and uploaded in Special:Images.
  • Genes = GENE1,GENE2
This parameter is for mutant's gene(s). You simply replace GENE1,GENE2 to proper gene combo. For monogene mutants, you should only put GENE1 instead.
  • Ability = Drain Life/Retaliate/Shield/Wound/Boost/Curse
This parameter is for mutant's ability. You simply choose the proper ability and remove the rest.
  • Health =
This parameter is for mutant's HP. You simply put proper HP value in the blank. It should be based on the lv. 1 basic version(or default version for Exclusive mutants), without any upgraded value by Orbs. For lv. 1 same versions with varied values, you should make sure to put the value like "123-456".
  • Speed = 0.00
This parameter is for mutant's speed. You simply replace 0.00 to proper speed value.
  • Category = {{Legendary}}/{{Reactor}}/{{Exclusive}}/{{Heroic}}/{{PvP}}/{{Seasonal}}/{{Secret Recipe}}/{{Zodiac}}
This parameter is for the category(s) of the mutant. You simply choose the proper category and remove the rest. For some cases with multiple categories such as Buck Maurice, you should put multiple category templates without /(slash).
  • Breedable? = Yes/No/Elite versions only
This parameter is for the availability of the mutant via Breeding. You simply choose the proper one and remove the rest.
  • Overview
This section is for a pretty overview of the mutant. You should replace capped characters to proper values.
  • Appearance
This section literally is for describe the appearance of the mutant.
  • Stats
This section is for the stats of the mutant. It should be based on the official information in game and basic/default version of it.
  • Attacks
This section is for the attacks available in the mutant and replace ??? to proper attack name/damage values. As with the Health parameter in {{InfoboxMutant}}, you should make sure to put the value like "123-456" if there's lv. 1 same versions with varied values. For some mutants with spread attack(s), you should edit {{GENE1/2}} (gene icon) to {{GENE1/2|spread}} and put "to each target" sentence on end of values like the below example:
Physical spread{{Physical|spread}} Spread attack
  • Damage: 123 to each target
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 222 to each target
  • Mutopedia Entry
Just copy, paste the texts in Biography of the mutant.
  • Gallery
Put images that properly relate to the mutant. The default image Discard-it.png should be removed if the proper image(s) was added in a page.
This template is a navigation for mutants. Just leave it alone.

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