Basic Rules

  • Do not insult/harass others, including using swear words for bad purposes.
  • As the App Store rating(12+) of the app suggest, ponder on younger users when using words that're not friendly to them, like words that're abusive or suggestive.
  • Do not spam, including advertising game bug or cheat.
  • Do not vandalize the pages.
  • Since here is an English wiki, the page should be written only in English.
    • The only exceptions are non-English words provided by official English MGG,[note 1] or for pages in need of the reference like when there's obvious meaning for Mutant's name, attacks or else.[note 2]
    • The comments, Profile, Message wall, Blog, and Forum thread are excused from this rule.
  • Posting ally requests not on Find Your Allies page is prohibited.
  • The contents must not contain obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party, or content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourage criminal conduct under the Wikia ToS.


  1. such as a Mutant named Shinigami Painter.
  2. The Calaca is a notable example for first two cases.


  • Please don't begging for in-game items[note2 1] here because we're not developers, nor staffs to have an ability to give you any of them. If you're looking for them, you have to collect enough amount of your own resources yourself to buy, or looking for notifications regarding events/promotions around official MGG Facebook page, official Kobojo forum or other sites officialy associated with MGG, as soon as you may able to buy them with discounted prices or even get them for free.
  • If you're posting your own fan-made Mutants, please do not make a wiki page for them, but we encourage you to post them in your own blog page or Fun and Games board in the forum instead.


  1. Such as a particular Mutant, Goldcurrency, Credits, supplies or else.


Please note that this wiki was established with no affiliation to the developers of MGG (Kobojo and Celsius Online). Thus, the wiki cannot grant you anything that only the developers can do, like the technical support, recovering your game data or so.

Due to above reason, please don't ask wiki admins such, seeing how we only can do nothing with these. Instead, we encourage you to contact them via Kobojo Support, or make a thread in General Discussion board in MGG forum to get their support.


  • The first time you violate the rules, you'll get blocked for one day.
  • The second time - blocked for 3 days
  • The third time - blocked for a week
  • The forth time - blocked for a month
  • The fifth time - blocked for indefinite time (forever)
  • Some cases (such as sockpuppetry, cross-wiki spam/vandalism) may not be dealt with above regular strike rule but may enhance the sentence, up to an indefinite block.