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Mutants Genetic Gladiators
Game Information
Game-type Strategy / RPG
Released Date June 2013
Available on Facebook
Owner Kobojo

Welcome to MGG (Mutants: Genetic Gladiators) English Wiki

This wiki is targeting beginners, newcomers and experienced players, and help them to progress.

FAQ & Help for beginners, read it first

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Campaign guide (need to be updated)

You can find our campaign guide here


Here you can have a quick look on our mutopedia



Necro Zoomorph Galactic Mythic
Blade Banshee Android Baron Lundi Arachno Alien C'thlig
Buck Maurice Beetle Bot Cancernia Beast Astro surfer Captain Peace
Bushi Captain Wrenchfury Dire Despot Cerberus Bounty Bug Demon
Enforcer Colossus Ghostmonaut Cosmo Kong Nebulon Gandolphus
Honey Bunny Dead Bot Leech Lord Dracus Nobilis Planet Cleaner Grim Reapress
Martian Marauder Deus Machina Lichlock Leohart Sentry Medusa
Valkyrie Goliath Terrordoll Kaiju Kitty Sirenia Pit Lord
Warrior Libraro Undead Dragon Parasite Queen Supernovus Techno Taoïst
Nordic Knightmare Robot Zombie Rakshasa Tutti Gooey Blood Berry
Sagittaurius Stealth Bot Zomborg Reptoïd Xenos Horus
Haggis The Darkseer Triple-B Zombat Aquapunzel Anubis
General Chaos


Cursed Rider Master Splitter Behemoth Ivory Hanzo
BattleToad Monocerus Jack O' Lantern Slashog Master Oida Mekali
Thor Xenarach Caprika Shell Shock
Ragnar Exo Fish
Galactic Guardian



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Specific Requirements

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