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Master Splitter

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Master Splitter
Master Splitter
General Information
Genes ZoomorphZoomorph
Ability WoundWound
Speed 3.85Speed
Category Icon-event
Breedable? Elite Versions Only

Master Splitter is the reward for the Expert bracket of PvP Tournament Season 12 and Rapa Nui PVE event. This Mutant is Zoomorph-Zoomorph. You can breed elite versions of Master Splitter by combining it any other mutant with at least one of his genes.


A giant bipedal rat.


Attack: Destructive

Health: Tank

Speed: Slow


Zoomorph Slicing Claws

  • Damage: 424
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 636

Zoomorph Vermin Invasion (Spread)

  • Damage: 212
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 318

Mutopedia Entry

"Failed experiments are usually disposed of in a correct manner, but sometimes Darwins interns have been known to flush failures down the toilet, this practice has inadvertantly led to the formation of a new mutant that has grown from the mixture of chemicals."


  • Obviously a reference to Master Splinter, the bipedal rat and mentor of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.
  • The Bronze version seems to have Akuma's clothes from the Street Fighter video game.
  • All elite versions have a reference to Illidan Stormrage, from Warcraft. Bronze has blindness, Silver has its 'tattoos' and gold is dark and the 'tattoos' are shining green, like the transformation of the elf.


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