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Martian Marauder

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Martian Marauder
Martian Marauder
General Information
Genes SaberGalactic
Speed 8.33Speed
Breedable? Yes

A Martian Marauder is a Rare mutant. It is obtainable by crossbreeding any two mutants, one of which possesses the Saber gene and the other a Galactic gene. For best chances use Nordic Knightmare + Astro Surfer.


It is a very tall and slender blue alien marauder donning golden armor on it's shoulders, chest, forearms and shins.  It is wielding a spear staff and is also equipped with


  • Attack: Very Low
  • Health: Weak
  • Speed: Very Fast


Saber Saturn's Ringer

  • Damage: 157
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 236

Galactic Martian Gifts

  • Damage: 157
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 236

Mutopedia Entry

"Who ever said martians are little green men? Our guy is big and blue! What's that? Mars is a dead planet? So are most of his opponents."


  • It looks similar to the Na'vi from the movie Avatar.


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