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Martian Marauder

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Martian Marauder
Martian Marauder
General Information
Genes Saber - Galactic
Health 829
Speed 8.33
Breedable? Yes
Cost 2 520 gold
Incubation time 21h
A Martian Marauder is a Rare mutant. You can crossbreed an Alien with a Warrior to have a chance at obtaining a Martian Marauder larva. You can also purchase a Martian Marauder larva at the Shop.


He is like a very tall Marauder, with an alien face


  • Attack: Very Low
  • Health: Weak
  • Speed: Very Fast


  • Saturn's Ringer
    • Damage : 157
    • Upgrade : 236
  • Martian Gifts
    • Damage : 157
    • Upgrade : 236

Mutopedia EntryEdit

"Who ever said martians are little green men? Our guy is big and blue! What's that? Mars is a dead planet? So are most of his opponents."


  • It Looks like a Na'vi from the movie Avatar.


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