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General Information
Genes NecroMythic
Speed 9.09Speed
Breedable? Elite Versions
Cost -
Incubation time 1 Hour

Lichlock is a Mythic-Necro mutant which was obtainable in PVP and PVE events as a reward. Although its gene combination has short ranged coverage, it is worth noting that it's faster than most mutants and has more health than any mutant of similar speed.


A floating skeletal-looking warlock in a purple robe. It has a spellbook that is chained and pierced by the spikes on its back, two emblems on the side of its head which have skulls on them, and a few items on its side which appear to be a flask, a cross, and a glowing test tube. It also has a glowing floating sphere in front of its hands.


  • Attack: Very Low
  • Health: Weak
  • Speed: Very Fast


  • Death Omen
    • Damage: 161
    • Upgrade: 242
  • Mystic Strike
    • Damage: 161
    • Upgrade: 242

Mutopedia Entry

"An undead warlock with some powerful magic under his hood. This is no magician, the Lichlock is the master of sorcery and the funnel of dark magic. Unleash him on your opponent's mutants and watch the destruction that will follow."


  • First PVP Mutant in Mutant Reactor (The Steampunk).
  • The emblems it has on its sides correspond with the color of the star that was used in its crossbreeding.


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