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General Information
Genes ZoomorphSaber
Speed 4.17 Speed
Category Zodiac-sign
Breedable? No
Leohart is a Zoomorph-Saber Zodiac mutant representing the zodiac sign, Leo. It was sold (3,500 Gold) in the shop during July to August. As with all Zodiac mutants, Leohart is not upgradeable. It was also given away in the Mutant Slots as a prize for a limited time.


Leohart is an anthropomorphic lion clad in blue armor that wields a gigantic hammer. The Leo insignia is found on its chest.


  • Attack: Cataclysmal
  • Health: Tank
  • Speed: Slow


ZoomorphLion's Pride

  • Damage: 525
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 788

SaberHammer Flare

  • Damage: 525
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 788

Mutopedia Entry

"Many grew up hearing about the Legend of Leonhart, a mighty king of lions who came down from the stars to wreak havoc on the world. Whether Leonhart is truth or fiction is not important, because he has been recreated right here in the lab. With a mighty hammer that harnesses the power of the sun, Leonhart can crush his enemies with one ferocious swing."

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