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Leech Lord

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Leech Lord
Leech Lord
General Information
Genes Necro - Necro
Speed 4.17
Breedable? Yes

The easiest way to breed him is with two Zombies.


  • Attack: High
  • Life: Resistant 1114
  • Speed: Slow 4.17


  • Kiss of Death
    • Damage: 348
    • Upgrade: 522
  • Cloak of Night
    • Damage: 174 to each target
    • Upgrade: 261 to each target

Mutopedia Entry

"Nothing gets the blood rising like the Leech Lord, you can count on him to make the audience swoon! The Leech Lord is a ladies favorite, so watch out guys he's a real killer!"


  • before when he used his first attack seemed that drains energy from his opponent but eventhough this could not heal himself, but then updates by draining effect now if you can heal
  • His mutant reactor version is a nod of Batman.


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