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Leech Lord

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Leech Lord
Leech Lord
General Information
Genes Necro - Necro
Health 1 114
Speed 4.17
Breedable? Yes
Cost 120 gold
Incubation time 1h
The easiest way to breed him is with two Zombies.


  • Attack: High
  • Life: Resistant 1114
  • Speed: Slow 4.17


  • Kiss of Death
    • Damage: 348
    • Upgrade: 522
  • Cloak of Night
    • Damage: 174 to each target
    • Upgrade: 261 to each target

Mutopedia Entry

"Nothing gets the blood rising like the Leech Lord, you can count on him to make the audience swoon! The Leech Lord is a ladies favorite, so watch out guys he's a real killer!"


  • Even if it looks like the primary attack of this mutant drains the opponent's life energy, it cannot heal itself with this attack.
  • His mutant reactor version is a nod of Batman.


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