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General Information
Genes MythicZoomorph
Ability Shield Shield
Speed 8.33Speed
Category Icon-recipe
Breedable? Specific Parents

Horus is a Mythic-Zoomorph Specific Recipe Mutant which can only be obtained by crossbreeding specific mutants together.


Horus the mutant resembles its namesake, the Egyptian deity, Horus. Although the mutant does not have a human body, rather it's an anthropomorphic falcon with wings wearing Egyptian ornaments, a crown and a heqa (crook staff).


The specific parent combination for Horus are:


Attack: Very Low

Life: Low

Speed: Very Fast



  • Damage: 161
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 242

ZoomorphLake Stymphalia

  • Damage: 161
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 242

Mutopedia Entry

"Horus was Feared in Egyptian times as a Deity with a taste for war. It was assumed this God had left at the fall of the Egyptian empire, but he has now returned and taken physical form to regain his Fearsome status in the Mutants Arena."


  • This mutant has the Shield ability, which is exclusive to Cyber mutants, despite being a Mythic mutant.
  • Horus (also spelled Heru) – the falcon-headed God most notably being the God of the Sky, God of War and God of Protection. Includes multiple forms or potentially different Gods, including Heru the son of Isis, God of pharaohs and Upper Egypt, and Heru the elder
  • Bronze Horus has orange/brown colors and has a Was staff, symbol of power and wealth, and the solar disk with a Uraeus, symbols of Ra's power.
  • Silver Horus has blue/pale colors and wears a crown that should represent the Pschent, double crown of the king of the two Egypts.
  • Golden Horus has yellow/golden colors and wears a Stargate-like golden crown.


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