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General Information
Genes Cyber - Cyber
Speed 4
Breedable? No

The Goliath is a mutant that can only be acquired by inviting 10 brand new players to Mutants: Genetic Gladiators and have them all reach Fame Level 5. The task of inviting new players can be bypassed by spending 2000 Gold. Also, each friend recruited who reaches level 5 reduces the cost by 200 Gold. Alternatively, a Psy-Captain can buy the Goliath for the price of 5000 gold (since 27 April 2014).

This purestrain Cyber mutant does not have Elite Versions.


The Goliath, befitting its origins as a military-grade combat robot built for outer galactic colonial warfare, is a mighty Cyber mutant to behold. It is built with a massive, heavily armored military machine look and mounted with its principle weapons that made the Goliath a winner of several decades' worth of wars: the triple-barreled Mega Gun and the Homing Missile launcher module.


  • Attack: Cataclysmal
  • Life: Tank
  • Speed: Slow


  • Mega Gun
    • Damage: 552
    • Upgrade: 828
  • Homing Missiles
    • Damage: 276 to each target
    • Upgrade: 414 to each target

Mutopedia Entry

"When the terrestrial forces decided to colonize the external borders of the Galaxy, troops of Goliath were sent to fulfill the mission. After several decades of war which ended in victory, it's now in the Arena that the Goliath fight. Beware, cannons sometimes come in pairs!"


  • Appears to be a nod at the game Social Wars on Facebook.
  • He is very useful for zoomorph boss battles in campaign.
  • Much like other special Mutants with strong stats and only a basic version, his abilities are close to that of a Gold Star mutant.
  • Good for beginners, but will be outperformed by most Gold Star versions of other Cyber gene mutants.



Goliath Stats

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