Gold Furnace and Forge

Gold Forge (left) and Gold Furnace (right) in the shop

Gold Forge is a 2x2 building that can produce Goldcurrency for the player so long as it is active on the player's rooftop.


Gold Forges were introduced to the game in February of 2015 and were available for purchase through the shop for the price of 1,200Goldcurrency. At the time of introduction, players were not limited to the number of Forges they could purchase. On June 16, 2015 they were removed from the shop and Kobojo stated that they were being re-evaluated and would return to the shop. At the end of June of 2015 they were reinstated, with the player being limited to being able to purchase five of these from the shop for Gold. They have since been removed from the shop and have only been made available through limited sale periods and in bundle packs, for actual cash. Any Gold Forges the player may have purchased prior to the limit do not count toward the five-Forge limit, nor do any Forges that may be bundled with future packs that may be sold.


An individual Forge can produce 5Goldcurrency every 12 hours. Once production is finished, it will not resume production until the player collects the existing Goldcurrency. With proper timing, the player can net 10Goldcurrency per day per forge.

General Trivia

  • If properly timed, a player can net approximately 1,500Goldcurrency per month from a set of five Forges.
  • A single Gold Forge must be in operation for a minimum of 120 days before the player can turn a profit from it.
  • It is speculated that the removal of the item from the shop was because players had figured out that the ability to purchase multiple copies of Gold-producing items with Goldcurrency was a way to get around having to pay actual money into the game once you hit a critical point of Gold production. KBJ removed the item to prevent further abuse before they could retool the limit on purchases.

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