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Dracus Nobilis

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Dracus Nobilis
General Information
Genes Zoomorph - Mythic
Health 1 220
Speed 3.33
Breedable? Yes
Cost 2 880 Gold
Incubation time 7 hours
It's a RARE Mutant.
The 'easiest' way to get one is to  breed a Beast and a Demon. For Greater Results Kaiju Kitty + Demon or Beast + Pit Lord.


Dracus Nobilis, as its name suggests, looks like a (Asian) dragon. It has a long head, four legs, and a pair of wings on its back.


  • Attack : Cataclysmal
  • Life : Tank
  • Speed : Very Slow


  • Double Dragon
    • Damage : 453
    • Upgrade : 680
  • Deep Breathe
    • Damage : 453
    • Upgrade : 680


Dracus Nobilis is very slow with a speed of 3.33, however he has got some strong attacks. As a Zoomorph-Mythic breed, there is only one (Saber) between the gap of its two attacks. Therefore it is very strong (+50% damage) versus Saber and Necro, strong (+25%) against Mythic and Galactic and normal against Zoomorph opponents. As it is a primary Zoomorph creature, it takes additional 50% damage from Cyber and 25% damage from Galactic opponents. Otherwise it takes 50% less damage from Saber and 25% less damage from Mythic opponents.

It is therefore very useful against teams of mostly quick [Saber]] opponents with little damage output (however avoid opponents with secondary Cyber abilities like the Enforcer).

Mutopedia Entry

"From the pages of legends comes this awesome beast, with a few fiery licks he can turn almost any enemy to ash. Few creatures are as impressive or deadly, a true king of the ring"


  • The upgraded version of his first attack "Double Dragon" sends a stream of ghostly Asian dragons towards the opponent.
  • The Japan Reactor version is a reference to Dragon ball's Shenron.


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