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Dracus Nobilis

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Dracus Nobilis
General Information
Genes ZoomorphMythic
Speed 3.33Speed
Breedable? Yes

Dracus Nobilis is a rare Zoomorph-Mythic mutant. It is one of the specific parents needed to obtain Horus.


Dracus Nobilis, as its name suggests, looks like an Asian-stylized dragon. It has a long snake-like body with spikes on it's back, a horned head with a snake-like tongue, four legs, and a pair of wings on its back which it uses to float above the ground.


Attack: Cataclysmal

Health: Tank

Speed: Very Slow


Zoomorph Double Dragon

  • Damage: 453
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 680

Mythic Fire Breath

  • Damage: 453
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 680

Mutopedia Entry

"From the pages of legends comes this awesome beast, with a few fiery licks he can turn almost any enemy to ash. Few creatures are as impressive or deadly, a true king of the ring"


  • It looks very similar to Maleficent's Dragon, except it's legs are much shorter.
  • The Japan Reactor version is a reference to Dragon Ball's Shenron.
  • It is one of the mutants with the highest attack, but also one of the slowest mutants in the game.
  • The Gold Star version bears a resemblance to the reoccuring super boss in the Final Fantasy series, Shinryu.


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