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Deus Machina

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Deus Machina
Deus Machina
General Information
Genes Cyber - Mythic
Health 1 008
Speed 5.26
Breedable? Yes
Cost 2 880 Gold
Incubation time -
A Deus Machina is a Rare Cyber/Mythic  mutant. You must crossbreed a Robot with a Demon to have a chance at obtaining a Deus Machina larva. You can also purchase a Deus Machina larva at the Shop.


  • Attack: Medium
  • Bronze: Medium
  • Life: Average 1008
  • Bronze: Resistant 1108
  • Speed: Intermediate 5.26


  • Pixilizer
    • Damage: 266
      • Bronze: 292
    • Upgrade: 399
      • Bronze: 438
  • Deus Ex Machina
    • Damage: 266
      • Bronze: 292
    • Upgrade: 399
      • Bronze: 438

Mutopedia Entry

"Our Father who art quantum that Your Domination come.
Your program is fulfilled on the network as in the Arena.
Destroy our enemies as we destroy those who have offended you!"


  • It looks like Jinzo from the card-game YU-GI-OH.
  • Its name probably comes from "Deus ex machina".


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