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This page is about the NPC. You were looking for the mutant, See Darwin (Mutant).

Darwin is a Scientist in Mutants: Genetic Gladiators. He is also the one who chooses your set of mutants in the beginning. He is also one of the quest giver for mutants you don't have.


Darwin is characterized as a science geek: He has orange hair, his headphones put on his neck, his safety spectacles put on his hair, an ID tag and a yellow button. He wear a lab gown with a beach-party T-shirt inside. And sometimes, you will see him holding a tube containing the larva of uncertain mutant that's not yet to be revealed in the game. The larva's appearance resembles the Facehugger in Alien franchise.


He generally appeared as Scientist and giving you mission to complete like breeding mutants.

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  • Most likely named after Charles Darwin, a scientist who studies the evolution of biological beings. However, this could just be a coincidence
  • He is responsible for creating/discovering sever mutants in the game

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