The Daily Reward is a free reward you can claim every day by using the Keys of Darwin. The more you play, and claim, the lower gauge will fill and you get a chance of winning better rewards.

Rewards for Bronze Magnetic Keys

Needs information

 Rewards for Silver Magnetic Keys 

Silver Daily Reward
  • 10x Exprience Bars
  • 2x Campain Pass x1

Rewards for Gold Magnetic Keys

Gold Daily Reward

Needs information

Rewards for Platinum Magnetic Keys 

  • 2x Campain Passes x5
  • 1x Big cans of Mutosterone
  • 2x Experience Drinks
  • 25x Goldcurrency
  • ??x Star silver

Rewards for Black Magnetic Keys 

DailyReward Black
  • 4x Exprience Drinks
  • 2x Campain Pass x5
  • 5x Campain Pass x5
  • 2x Big Med Pack
  • 5x Big Med Pack