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Crypt Wraith

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Crypt Wraith
General Information
Genes NecroNecro
Ability Drain LifeDrainoflife
Speed 7.14Speed
Category Icon-event
Breedable? Elite Versions Only

Crypt Wraith is an exclusive Global tournament Season 10 Experts PVP's reward. You can also win that Mutant  completing level 40 in Dark City event without drop down system.



Attack: Low

Life: Average

Speed: Very Fast


Necro Bone Spikes

  • Damage: 209
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded314

Necro Trap From Beyond

  • Damage: 105
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded157

Mutopedia Entry

"This Crypt Wraith confirms theres no rest for the wicked, unable to pass to the afterlife this hideous creature has found its way to the Arena to fulfill its bloodlust. Trinkets or spells won't protect you from this mutant as it attemps to send its victims to the afterlife."


  • The Silver Star version of Crypt Wraith is a reference to Raziel from the Legacy Of Kain series, who was also described throughout the game as a Wraith.
  • Bears a slight resemblance to King Groot, from the Marvel universe.


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