About the comparison tables

The comparison tables help to compare different mutants against each other.

Mutants with an "O" sign in "Exc." column fall into the "Exclusive"; those in that category won't affect any stat changes upon elite version upgrades via cross-breeding, which make them have consistent stats throughout all tables. Even though the Zodiac mutants have both basic and Silver versions, but they still are regarded Exclusive mutants due to unable to breed for upgrade themselves. Note that The Primal is regarded an Exclusive; seeing how making him breedable was unintentional and was caused by a glitch.

A+*S is "Upgraded Attacks times Speed". Maximum Damage times Speed Value. This value should be about the same for upgradeable mutants with e.g. the same speed or damage. Note that critical damage, HP & ATK+ damage ranges and ability percentage are not included and should also be considered.

List of tables

Click one of following links to view the table; each table represents stats of upgradable mutants multiplied by different elite version.

Note that those stats taken elite version bonus into account may be different compared to official values in game: