This category is used for the Mutants whose ability is RetaliateRetaliate.

Most of Saber Mutants and some others have this ability.


A mutant with this ability retaliates a percentage of the attack damage back to the attacking mutant. For most mutants it starts at 15% and increase to 25% at level 25.

Retaliate has the same gene of that Mutant's first attack, that is, a Saber mutant's Retaliate does bonus 50% damage to Mythic mutant and likewise, reduced to 50% to a Zoomorph mutant. Retaliate itself doesn't make any critical hit, thus Critical orbs are useless for increasing Retaliate damage. Other than using orbs to increase the Retaliate percentage, the best way is to equip Attack orbs.

Retaliate damage is taken in between the Shield and Drain Life and the latter is the latest, thus it can defeat a mutant before it heals itself.


  • Retaliate damage was supposed to take the Boost or Curse effect into account. However, the ability couldn't been boosted by user's Boost orb or reduced by opponent's Curse any longer after the unspecified date.
    • This given scheme indicates how this supposed to go: {(Attack Damage-Curse points)×(1+Boost percentage)}×Retaliate percentage=Retaliate damage.

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