This category is used for the Mutants whose ability is Drain LifeDrainoflife.

Most of Necro Mutants and some others have this ability.


A mutant with this ability changes some of the damage done by its attack into life. Mutants cannot have more life than its max. Reduced by Curse, not by Shield. Takes effect after Retaliate.

  • Curse reduces damage dealt, and Drain is a percentage of that. So a 20% Curse will reduce the total amount of HP drained by 20%.
  • Shields don't reduce it since it's based on damage dealt, not on the amount of HP your opponent loses.
  • Taking effect after Retaliate means that a mutant with Drain can get KOed BEFORE the drain actually happens.


For most mutants this ability starts at 25% and increases to 35% at level 25.

Drain is based on total damage dealt. Thus Boost will increase it indirectly. So will +attack and crit Orbs.

On mutants with Spread Attacks, Drain is applied per hit, thus it can drain all three enemies.

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