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General Information
Genes NecroZoomorph
Health 1,470 HP
Speed 4.76 Speed
Breedable? No
Cost 3,500 Gold
Incubation time 1 Hour
Cancernia is a Necro-Zoomorph Zodiac mutant representing the zodiac sign, Cancer. It was the first Zodiac mutant sold (3,500 Gold) during June to July. As with all Zodiac mutants, Cancernia is not upgradeable. It was also given away in the Mutant Slots as a prize for a limited time.


Cancernia is a bluish-purple anthropomorphic crustacean with giant pincers for hands. Has five crustacean legs protruding from its back and a skull shaped exoskeleton on top of its head. The Cancer symbol is found on its stomach.


  • Attack: Destructive
  • Health: Tank
  • Speed: Intermediate


NecroSkull Crush

  • Damage: 420
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 630

ZoomorphClaw Grab

  • Damage: 420
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 630

Mutopedia Entry

"As legend goes a deadly race of crab-monsters lived on the small planet of Cancernia, many centuries ago. Eventually the race was almostly completely wiped out by the inhabitants of the neighbouring planet Leon, home to a ferocious race of lion warriors. The last remaining Cancernias went deep underground and survived long enough to utilise their genes to produce the legendary Cancernia Mutant."

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