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General Information
Genes Mythic - Galactic
Health 1 169
Speed 3.7
Breedable? Yes
Cost 2 880 Gold
Incubation time 24 hours
Breeding time 16 hours

C'thlig is a RARE mutant.
You can obtain one by breeding a Demon and an Alien.


It resembles Cthulu, an "Old God" of Lovecraft, with tentancles. It is bipedal and has two arms. It has one large eye on its forehead, which is usually closed if not using the attack "Eye of Madness".


  • Attack : Destructive (400-600)
  • Life : Resistant (1 169)
  • Speed : Slow (3.7)


  • Psionic blast
    • Damage : 400
    • Upgrade : 600
  • Eye of Madness
    • Damage : 400
    • Upgrade : 600

Mutopedia Entry

"There's a reason man shouldn't explore the dark place of the void and the reason is here. Every nightmare of a creature under the bed, something in the wardrobe... You don't have to imagine, the living nightmare is here and nothing will stand before it!"


  • He's related to the "Old God" Cthulhu, a character by H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Call of Cthulhu". The mission to aquire this creature is even referring to Lovecraft.
  • Has a similar aspect to the seeker from Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC


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