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A Bushi is the first Secret Recipe Mutant, meaning you can only obtain a Bushi larva by crossbreeding certain types of mutants. A Bushi's specific parents are either a Stealth Bot crossbred with a Zomborg or a Martian Marauder crossbred with a Tutti Gooey. A Bushi is also one of the Specific Parents of a Terrordoll.

General Information
Genes Saber - Necro
Health 1147
Speed 3.85
Breedable? Yes, specific parents
Cost -
Incubation time 7 hours

Un bushi si presenta come uno scheletro in un vestito da brandisce una katana e un fodero rotto.Edit


  • Attack : Very High
  • Life : Resistant
  • Speed : Slow


  • Samurai Slash
    • Damage: 385
    • Upgrade: 578
  • Death Breath
    • Damage: 385
    • Upgrade: 578

Mutopedia EntryEdit

"The only thing more deadly than a samurai is a deadly samurai whose dead.The ultimate  of all warrior.The bushi has been bred from cause death.beware of his expert sword skills don't let him catch you off-guard."


  • Bushi does not look like Stealth Bot or Zomborg at all, even though they are the correct parents.


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