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General Information
Genes SaberNecro
Ability WoundWound
Speed 3.85Speed
Category Icon-recipeIcon reactor
Breedable? Specific Parents

Bushi is the first Secret Recipe Mutant, which can only be obtained by crossbreeding specific mutants together. 

It is also obtainable in the Japan reactor.


The specific parents combinations for Bushi include Zomborg + Stealth Bot and Martian Marauder + Tutti Gooey, it is recommended to use the former combination as the breeding time will be significantly lower.

Bushi is also one of the specific parents needed to breed Terrordoll, Captain Wrenchfury and The Darkseer.


Bushi looks like a skeleton wearing a straw hat and donning traditional samurai armor. He is also wielding a worn and rusted Katana sword with a bone for a handle.


  • Attack : Very High
  • Life : Resistant
  • Speed : Slow


Saber Samurai Slash

  • Damage: 385
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 578

Necro Death Breath

  • Damage: 385
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 578

Mutopedia Entry

"The only thing more deadly than a samurai is a deadly samurai who is dead. The ultimate  of all warriors, the Bushi, has been bred from death, to cause death. Beware of his expert sword skills and don't let him catch you off-guard."


  • Bushi resembles Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur, especially the Japan Reactor version of Bushi.
  • Although this mutant has Saber and Necro genes, its ability is the Wound ability which belongs to Zoomorph mutants.


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