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Buck Maurice

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Buck Maurice
General Information
Genes SaberSaber
Ability Retaliate Retaliate
Speed 3.33 Speed
Category Icon legendary
Breedable? Elite Versions

Buck Maurice is A Legendary Saber-Saber mutant and the very first Legendary mutant to be released. As with all Legendary mutants, you can duplicate or breed elite versions of Buck Maurice by breeding him with another mutant that shares at least one of his genes.


A very muscular bearded man with two kukri knives strapped to his pants and wearing sunglasses. He wears a green vest with a white shirt, has dog tags around his neck and has plenty of battle scars on his arms.


Attack: Cataclysmal

Health: Tank

Speed: Very Slow


SaberClose Combat

  • Damage: 502
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 753

Saber spreadHitman

  • Damage: 251
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 377

Mutopedia Entry

"Born at the dawn of time in a galaxy far far away. Buck Maurice single handedly won both of the intergalactic wars using only a kitchen knife. Afterwards, with too much time on his hands and the need to fight a real challenger, Buck Maurice invented the science necessary to breed super-strong Mutants and spliced one of his own genes into his DNA to make him double strong."


  • This may be too obvious, but he is a tribute to Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris, or popularly known as Chuck Norris. He is an American martial artist and actor who has been widely associated with an internet meme which documents fictional and absurd feats associated with him.


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