• Danielskorpionn

    Because i don't know

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  • Catumaran12


    November 22, 2017 by Catumaran12

    How's your play in mgg, guys?

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  • HBrenon

    Little Help

    September 16, 2017 by HBrenon

    I would like to know some good mutants against galactic gene 

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  • Catumaran12

    What do you think?

    July 23, 2017 by Catumaran12

    Celcius online have been bought both MGG and Primal legends. What do you think, guys? what do you expect in Celcius Online will done in this both games that Kobojo didn't?

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  • Catumaran12

    Sounds great...?

    June 23, 2017 by Catumaran12

    It's been a couple of weeks after "I send help" in my group for giving some more information in some still stub article here but, someone gave me this as his comment...

    I'll put here maybe, it's legitable...

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  • Catumaran12

    it seems the game has no update and else... maybe, we need to minimize does stub ASAP? and ask I in my group page on FB for helping me up... hope it #Worth... Am I? hehehe...

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  • Masdarul rizqi

    Breeding All

    January 6, 2017 by Masdarul rizqi

    here on the web, many breed-Croos

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  • Chadecbigc

    I've found the following mutants that can be breed WITHOUT an original, meaning use a common and a legendary mutant and you can get these mutants

    1. Dezinger 2. Invadron 3. Monocerus 4. H.U.M.A.N. 5. Triple B 6. Cursed Rider 7. Ragnar 8. Scare Bear 9. Cobrakai 10. Buck Maurice 11. Thor 12. Galactic Guardian 13. Cosmo Kong 14. Star Trooper 15. Absolem 16. Sentry 17. Wampara 18. Master Oida 19. Anubis 20. Blood Berry.

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  • Catumaran12

    Well, Experience is a great teacher and turns in wisdom and wisdom, turns into knowledge and knowledge turns into a mastery... So write down all your MGG play experiences in this wiki and pls. Don't Vandalize this wiki because, I trust every word what I have learned....

                                                                                                                                                             ~Terra G

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  • MugoUrth

    I was talking to someone about Cookie, one of the strongest but slowest Mutants in the game, and now I'm thinking about something. When I played the game, I had a high-leveled Zombie Dragon. If I recall, Zombie Dragon was big, strong, and a little faster than some of the other tanks, but still kind of slow. Yet at the same time, he obliterated a lot of mutants that were weak to his attacks. I'm starting to wonder if the reason Zombie Dragon was working for me was because he was a tank who's speed was "Just fast enough." What, in your opinion for tanks, is "just fast enough?" What are some of the best Tank mutants?

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  • Chadecbigc

    Can anyone confirm

    October 7, 2015 by Chadecbigc

    Can anyone  confirm they have won the token slots thing? Like the big prize anyone? Or does does anyone know of anybody?

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  • Jelly Mania

    I love MGG

    June 24, 2014 by Jelly Mania

    I really really love MGG.It's my 2nd favorite game.The first is Jelly Mania.

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  • IceSamurai


    June 17, 2014 by IceSamurai
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  • Spain2001

    Is this allowed?

    May 6, 2014 by Spain2001

       I know I'm a new-comer on this particular wiki but I was browsing through the comments and then i found 

    this: (Great unlimited mutant genetic credits on this url I clicked on the link and it looks like it works but I'm pretty sure its not allowed. 

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  • Commander Tresdin


    March 4, 2014 by Commander Tresdin

    I Know somebody of you doesn't understand English Language , please remain it at the Standard Language (ENGLISH|BRITISH) because some players can't understand its ok to be not so good at spelling but unless we can understand it its alright ( I recommend you to use google translate just put your language to english) I hope you can understand thanks :)

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  • Commander Tresdin

    Hello everyone , I'm Commander Tresdin from MGG PLAYERS just like you

    I Hereby to volunteer and decided to fill up the information that I know to help improve this wiki since I'm new here but I'm already playing MGG regarding about those mutant

    1. Please do not put excessive or additional info when its already finished

    2. Please do not change the info when its already correct

    3. Please do not put nonsense info at the mutant

    4. I know its free to change/edit the info please its your own risk

    5. When you have suggestion or you want to change do not edit just put it the comment box

    Help each other okay :)

    -Commander Tresdin

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  • Casius06

    We recently Discover that we can get a Reactor special mutant TWICE, So you can get 2 or 3 Gargantus, mr. marvelous, etc if you are lucky. It's very simple, Once you get one Special reactor mutant you can Spin again and this mutant appears as a possible reward :D

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  • Casius06

    Well, This is simple, I want to Adopt this wiki because all Admins And the Buro Go away and they never back, So i want to help more here but my option are Limited  and Vandalism in this wiki Is Stronger than Buck, So please Said what do you think about this, Thanks

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  • Casius06

    "Correct Parents"

    December 6, 2013 by Casius06

    Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to Explain something about this complicated topic to some of you:

    1) Correct parents does not mean First try in the mutant you want.

    2) Correct parents are (Mutant you want from pvp, pve or legendary mutant + mutant with at least one of his genes) This formula mean that you can breed two pvp mutants and similar, Example: I want Monoceros (Legendary mutant) and Master Splitter (Pvp mutant) So i can breed together this mutants.

    Example 2: I want Satyr Shaman (pvp mutant Season 14)... He Have Zoomorph and Mythic So... You can use Any mutant with at least one of his genes, And these are:

    Pitlord, Kaiju Kitty, Azuria, Medusa, Dracus Nobilis, Demon, Beast, Reptoid, Arachno, Gargantus, Cosmo Kong, Cerberus, Zombat, Mek…

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  • Earthsong

    Balanced Mutant Teams

    November 22, 2013 by Earthsong

    Based on the diagram here, I have managed to create a list of mutant teams that are more or less superbly balanced in terms of genetic resistance and vulnerabilities, health, attack power, and speed. This means that they can watch each others' backs in the arena. I think that these team combinations that I listed will be very helpful when a Psy-Captain does not know what he or she might face in the arena, such as in a PVP setting. I may have missed to mention other team combinations but rest assured that all the mutants that can be acquired through breeding or crossbreeding are mentioned and fall into their own Balanced Mutant Team. You can pattern your team combinations based on the list that I created or you can discover and make your own…

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  • Earthsong

    In Mutants: Genetic Gladiators, the effectiveness of an attack and the resistance of a mutant to a particular type of attack follow the rock-paper-scissors principle and a reverse application of the rock-paper-scissors principle:

    • Cyber attacks are highly effective against Zoomorph gene mutants 
    • Zoomorph attacks are highly effective against Saber gene mutants 
    • Saber attacks are highly effective against Mythic gene mutants, and so one and so forth...
    • Cyber gene mutants are highly resistant to Zoomorph attacks
    • Zoomorph gene mutants are highly resistant to Saber attacks
    • Saber gene mutants are highly resistant to Mythic attacks, and so on and so forth...

    However, there is a slight modification to this principle, as an attack type can beat a second type of gene, albeit…

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  • Casius06


    November 13, 2013 by Casius06

    Do what you want with this wiki, I am not going to help anymore, I quite of the wiki because It's hard and I am tired of create pages, try to clean trollers disasters and a lot of things, i can't manage a wiki alone and you post ALL KIND OF PICS, we need mutopedia entry, not stealed pics from friend pages. Good bye and sorry but i am not to answer questions again. Bye bye

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  • Hikapo

    I love MGG!

    September 8, 2013 by Hikapo

    Welcome to my blog post!

    I love MGG and I even have a fan site for it!

    It is ~

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  • Brianultimatedragon


    So recently I've been going through the mutants pages to add infoboxes. But I've noticed something...wrong in the "Appearance" section.

    Short description, probably just one or a few words.

    Seriously, people. I created the Appearance section to describe how the mutant looks like. If you can't describe them then don't add anything to it. Yesterday the Colossus's appearance section was just "Scary.". Srsly. >.>

    So...yeah. Please don't do these things again. Thank you for reading.

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