Baron Urban is a character appears in Mutants: Genetic Gladiators.


Urban wears a brown heavy coat with metallic details around his shoulders and arms, and what looks like a mutant embryo tube on his right arm. He wears a silver turtle neck sweater that somehow looks like metals. He wears crimson-glowing goggles and has white hair.


Seems that Urban is a Psy Captain, yet he is a very brutal one, proof of this is the mention of his 5 years exile from the arena, it is rumored that he has been building an army of mutants, however his purposes are not clear yet. However, this ambitious psy-cap, without any consideration, starts to develop his clones as he aims to create a perfect body for himself, and it failed. The XIIIth clone is only survived clone then named into Neo-Urban XIII, which is a Cyber-Necro mutant that obtained from the Boss Reactor collection.

Despite his ruthless and brutal nature, Urban is useful as he lets the player borrow his Crafting building. He's also the NPC who gives the player crafting based quests.

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