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General Information
Genes MythicGalactic
Ability CurseCurse
Speed 5.88Speed
Category Icon-event
Breedable? Elite Versions Only

Azuria is a PvP/PvE Exclusive Mythic-Galactic mutant. It can be obtained as a reward after completing 40 fights in PvE and/or finishing a Global Tournament PvP in the Experts bracket.



  • Attack: Medium
  • Health: Average
  • Speed: Fast


MythicRound of Applause

  • Damage: 260
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 390

GalacticRock Fists

  • Damage: 260
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 390

Mutopedia Entry

"The Azurians are a technologically resistant race from the planet Azuritia, a rich planet responsible for providing a rare blue mineral used to provide a clean source of energy for hundreds of others planets. A millennia of time spent mining this mineral has led the Azurians to evolve long arms and long hands giving them a unique attack style"


  • This mutant slightly resembles Abe from Hellboy series.
  • His attack round of applause looks like the alchemy in the anime full metal alchemist
  • Its Halloween Skin version resembles Jack the Pumpkin King.
  • He is one of three"Fast" mutants to have Cataclysmal class attack in it's Gold Star version, the others being The Experiment and Apex


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