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Astro Surfer

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Astro Surfer
Astro Surfer
General Information
Genes Galactic Galactic
Speed 3.85
Breedable? Yes

The easiest way to breed one is by combining 2 Alien.


Astro Surfer looks like a human with no face and gray-ish skin with a coat.


  • Attack: Very High
  • Health: Resistant
  • Speed: Slow


GalacticStellar Punishment

  • Damage : 382
  • Upgrade : 573

GalacticAlpha Centuri

  • Damage : 191 to each target
  • Upgrade : 287 to each target

Mutopedia Entry

"From the mysterious depths of... well nobody knows! An enigma, some say the International Space Station was brought down when they first engineered this cosmic bad boy. All we know is that he started showing up on the circuit and there's been no stopping him since!"


  • He may be a reference to Silver Surfer, from Marvel comics
  • He may also be a reference to Alien X, from Ben 10.
  • The gold version may be a reference to Elemental Hero Neos from Yu-gi-oh GX


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